AirCam Specifications

The AirCam kit has been inspected by the FAA and meets the 51% or Major Portion Rule for Experimental-Amateur Built Aircraft.

The AirCam is constructed primarily of aircraft-grade aluminum components, and features conventional fabric-covered flying surfaces and a high-performance Dacron wing. The entire structure has been engineered and with safety and performance in mind.


Fuel Capacity 28 gallons
Range 340 miles at 70mph
Endurance 6 hours


Wingspan 36 ft.
conventional gear

amphib. floats
8 ft. 6 in.
13 ft. 6 in.
Length 27 ft.
aircam specs


Rotax 912ULS  
4cyl. horizontally opposed, carbureted
100 HP (x2)
Warp Drive three-blade carbon fiber composite propeller (x2)
Rotax 912iS  
4cyl. horizontally opposed, electronically fuel injected
100 HP (x2)
Warp Drive three-blade carbon fiber composite propeller (x2)
Rotax 914UL  
4cyl. horizontally opposed, carbureted turbocharged
115 HP (x2)
Airmaster three-blade constant speed propeller (x2)


Maximum Speed 110 mph
Cruise Speed
(smooth air)

50 to 100 mph
100 mph
50 to 85 mph
Stall Speed 39 mph
Rate of Climb
solo, 50% fuel

single engine
1500 fpm
2000 fpm
300 fpm


Conventional Gear (Generation 3)
Empty Weight 1100 lbs.
Gross Weight 1900 lbs.
Useful Load 800 lbs.
Conventional Gear (Generation 2)
Empty Weight 1080 lbs.
Gross Weight 1680 lbs.
Useful Load 600 lbs.
Amphibious Floats 
Empty Weight 1400 lbs.
Gross Weight 2000 lbs.
Useful Load 600 lbs.