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Lockwood Aircraft Corp produces the AirCam kit aircraft in Sebring, FL.

All components included in the AirCam Kit have been carefully chosen and designed to provide optimum safety, performance, & reliability when assembled, installed & maintained properly.

Generation 3 Airframe Kits

The Gen-3 AirCam is a quick-build kit composed of highly finished parts ready for assembly. Most parts are alclad, anodized, powder coated or plated; this nearly eliminates corrosion concerns. The kit includes pre-jigged and formed fuselage structures and controls, electric flaps, electric trim, a steerable/full castering tailwheel, dual controls, pre-sewn wing fabric, ground adjustable seats, high quality composite fairings, all required hardware, and much more! Comprehensive, detailed construction and assembly manuals with excellent detailed drawings, part numbers and instructions are also included.

  • Pre-jigged fuselage assembly ready for match drilling.
  • Precisely machined clad aluminum components.
  • Pre-bent longerons, press-formed bulkheads, and rolled skins.
  • Aluminum machined parts drilled to final size and anodized.
  • Aircraft-grade steel control system components welded and plated or powder coated.
  • Includes all fasteners, fittings, and hardware.
  • Ready-to-install control rods, linkages, and cables.
Tail Section and Control Surfaces
  • Consists of vertical stabilizer, horizontal stabilizers, elevators, rudder, flaps, and ailerons.
  • Pre-jigged vertical stabilizer assembly ready for match-drilling.
  • Precisely machined clad aluminum components.
  • Pre-bent spars and press-formed ribs.
  • Sewn fabric Poly-Fiber fabric envelopes for rudder, elevators, flaps, and ailerons.
  • Includes all fasteners, fittings, and hardware.
Center Section, Fuel Tanks, and Wings
  • Includes pre-fabricated anodized tubular wing spars, anodized streamline lift struts, and pre-formed wing ribs.
  • All machined aluminum attachment fittings complete and anodized.
  • Press-formed clad aluminum center section ribs.
  • Highly completed center section spars and carry-through.
  • Cut-to-length and pre-drilled control pushrods.
  • Includes all fasteners, rod ends, fittings, and hardware.
Finishing Kit
  • High-strength spring steel landing gear.
  • Lightweight Beringer wheels, brake system, and tires.
  • Maule steerable tailwheel assembly with custom tail spring.
  • High quality fiberglass nose fairing, horizontal stabilizer tip fairings, elevator tip fairings, and vertical stabilizer intersection and tip fairings.
  • Pre-sewn wing fabric available in custom colors.
  • Seats, frames, and seatbelt assemblies.
starting at $16,500
Subtotal, Generation 3 Airframe Kits:   starting at $80,165


Pre-Riveted Fuselage

Our Pre-Riveted Fuselage Option significantly reduces the time required to construct the kit, and still meets the FAA 51% or major portion rule. This option includes a fuselage assembled and riveted to factory specifications. The fuselage is coated with a chromate corrosion inhibitor and is ready for primer and paint.

Pre-Riveted Fuselage  $12,500


Engine Packages

Rotax Engine Packages include two four-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engines with electric starters. Carbureted, fuel injected, and turbocharged engine models are available (see our Specs page for more information). Each package includes a custom pre-fabricated stainless steel exhaust system tuned for maximum performance and quiet operation, tank-to-engine fuel systems and required fittings and hardware, oil systems, and cooling systems. All packages also include a dual electrical system kit with two regulator/rectifiers, switches, breakers, wiring, and factory welded 4130 steel engine mounts specifically designed and tested for Rotax 9-series engines.

Rotax 912 ULS Engine Package

(100 horsepower, carbureted)

Rotax 912 iS Sport Engine Package

(100 horsepower, fuel injected)

Rotax 914 UL Engine Package

(115 horsepower, turbocharged)
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Full Enclosure

The Full Enclosure makes flying your AirCam a year-round possibility. This addition offers the same unmatched visibility as its un-enclosed counterpart, and is completely removable. A favorite among pilots in colder climates, the full enclosure can be retrofitted to existing airframes with few cosmetic modifications. It’s great for use in colder months, and removed within twenty minutes! Planning a long cross-country trip? Install the enclosure before heading out, and take it off at your destination for endless open-cockpit adventure once you arrive.

The full enclosure was designed, engineered, and extensively tested to ensure its overall safety and positive aerodynamic characteristics in flight, all while maintaining the functionality and versatility for which the AirCam is so well known.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Full Enclosure Kit  $14,800


XDR-20 Amphib. Rigging Package

The XDR-20 rigging package for Clamar Carbon/Kevlar model 2180 amphibious floats was designed and engineered specifically for the popular Clamar/AirCam combination. This package includes all hardware, fittings and struts required to mount your AirCam on the Clamar 2180 Amphibious floats less the two spreader bars which are provided by Clamar.  Detailed installation instructions combined with highly finished components greatly simplify installation and assure optimum geometry. The XDR-20 package was designed to maintain a wide stance with the lowest possible height for maximum stability on the water. High quality components, detailed engineering and extensive testing have produced a light wight and durable package optimized for the AirCam.

note: that the installation of the XDR-20 package requires your AirCam fuselage to have the latest generation rear fuselage float attachment bulkhead.  This feature is included on all AirCam kits manufactured beginning in 2016 and cannot be retrofitted to earlier models.

XDR-20 Amphib. Rigging $5,695


Avionics Packages

The avionics packages described above represent the culmination of years of experience and consumer feedback and are offered as an all-in-one solution. Each includes a pre-cut instrument panel and comprehensive wiring harness including pre-terminated connections for radios and electronics system units, as well as all required mounting hardware, circuit breakers, and switches.

Classic Analog

(also available with Garmin G5)

starting at $13,695
Dynon SkyView HDX starting at $19,895
Garmin G3X starting at $21,385
Dual Dynon SkyView HDX starting at $21,675

Rear Analog Instruments

(includes airspeed, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, and tachometers)


Options and Accessories

AeroLEDs Pulsar NSP Kit

  • AeroLEDs Pulsar NSP (pair) Nav / Strobe / Position Light
  • Custom Fiberglass AirCam Wing Tip Cuffs
  • Includes all required shielded wire, connectors, circuit breakers, switches, and installation hardware.

AeroLEDs MicroSun Landing Light Kit

  • AeroLEDs MicroSun Landing Light
  • Custom mounting bracket
  • Includes all required shielded wire, connectors, circuit breakers, switches.

Oregon Aero Seat Cushions

  • Oregon Aero custom seat cushions are built of several layers of Visco-Elastic foam and padding of various densities providing top-of-the-line comfort and lumbar support.
  • Custom seat cushions are upholstered in durable Ultraleather and are embroidered with the AirCam logo.
starting at $845 (each)
Aircraft Cockpit Cover starting at $845
Lightweight Aircraft Cockpit Cover starting at $560
Engine Covers (set) starting at $600

Jump Seat Kit

  • Includes lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber seat, frames, vinyl seat cover, and hardware.
  • Only available in combination with Gen 3 fuselage kits.
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