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Astronaut In An AirCam

Astronaut In An AirCam
Former astronaut Story Musgrave has looked down on Earth from orbit at more than 17,000 miles an hour, and he’s raced above it in supersonic NASA T–38s at 700 miles an hour. But the perspective he’s getting now is vastly different. It’s low, slow, and exquisitely detailed—and it comes at a mere 60 miles per hour from an amphibious AirCam Musgrave spent three years building with high school students in central Florida.

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By Dave Hirschman
January 1, 2021

Getting a Multi Engine Seaplane Rating in an AirCam

Steve & Abbie sit down with Mark Twombly the editor of Water Flying magazine to discuss his recent experience earning his multi-engine seaplane rating in an Aircam on amphibious floats.

EAA's AirCam Build

eaa 2018
EAA’s AirCam, built by volunteers in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Young Eagles program, is nearing completion! Flight testing will begin in spring, and once complete the aircraft will fly Young Eagles out of EAA’s Pioneer Airport, and support EAA photo missions. Look for a story on the AirCam build in the July issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.

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Mar 20, 2018

AOPA Live This Week

aopa 2016
Photographs and videos captured by those who fly the AirCam, a unique open-cockpit twin, have helped build the aircraft's following. Ride along with Red Bull Air Race World Championship pilot Hannes Arch as he puts his precision-flying skills to the test turning a wind farm into a slalom course. A father, a daughter, and a seaplane rating for two prove to be just the sort of fun that builds an aviation family's bond.

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By Dave Hirschman
April 6, 2016

BBC Travel 2015

bbc 2015
A View That Puts Window Seats to Shame
Crossing the US in an open-air, two-seat aeroplane afforded an extraordinary look at the world below.

By Jeff Greenwald
April 2015

EAA Sport Aviation


Adventurous AirCam - The Storied History Behind the Versatile Aircraft

By Hal Bryan
May 2017

Pilot Spring 2013

Up-engined AirCam - Lockwood’s AirCam makes an ideal demonstrator for Rotax’s efficient and very much state-of-the-art 912 iS engine

By Dave Unwin
Spring 2013

AOPA Online

AirCam on AOPA
AirCam River Run - Low and slow along the Big Muddy

By Dave Hirschman
November 2012

AirCam on
Web Exclusive: Air Cams Descend on Jekyll Island

By Bethany Whitfield
October 2011

Lockwood Aircraft Corp.

Web Exclusive: Lockwood Aircraft Corp.

By Dan Johnson
June 2011

Flying Magazine January 2011


AirCam Heaven - A gaggle of owners bring their low-and-slow twins to the Florida Gulf Coast to spend some time and do some fun flying.

By Robert Goyer
January 2011

Today's Pilot September 2010


Amazing, Astounding, Amphibious AirCam!

Today's Pilot
September 2010

Today's Pilot UK December 2008


Flight Test By Dave Unwin - Super Drifter

Today's Pilot UK
December 2008

Origins of the AirCam

Web Exclusive: Origins of the AirCam

By Robert Goyer
December 2010

General Aviation News (GANews)


Phil lockwood: The hardest working man in aviation. He's a Rotax expert, designer of the AirCam and a centeral figure in the LSA movement.

By Meg Godlewdki
January 2010

General Aviation News (GANews)


Woody's AirCam - New Jersey pilot flies low and slow, but with the latest in avionics.

By Howard Levy
January 2010



Like a Magic Carpet - Lockwood's Air-Cam offers pilots a unique perspective.

By Ed Baldridge
December, 2009

AOPA Pilot


Flying in a Fragile World - The go-anywhere, do-anything AirCam (Excellent overview article)

By Ian Twombly
July 2009

Today’s Pilot


Astonishing, Amazing, Astounding AirCam. Dave Unwin flies a unique aircraft, The Lockwood Aircam.

By Dave Unwin
June 2008