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aircam-safari-2015Many of you know the AirCam was first designed to fulfill a photography mission in Nairobi, Africa, for National Geographic magazine. (That aircraft is currently hanging above the Fergus Plaza in the lobby of the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. Stop by during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 to view the aircraft. Museum admission is always free to EAA members.)

Today, there is another AirCam flying the sky of Kenya. Alexis Peltier operates Air Adventures, flying an AirCam and a Cessna 206 to take adventurers to places unreachable by ground-bound vehicles.

bbc-storyLike riding a motorcycle in the sky... that’s how Jeff Greenwald describes his adventure of flying from Oklahoma to California with Bob Webster and his AirCam. If you’re an AirCam owner, you know that sense of adventure. If you’re not, here’s what awaits you when you make an AirCam your own...

View the origional story on the BBC Travel Website.

aircam-moonMoon photo by David RowlandHere’s a quick report on a most memorable flight from Winter Haven, Florida, to my home base at the Arlington, Washington Airport (KAWO).

First, a thank you to the AirCam team at the factory in Sebring who readied N333AE with the new Clamar carbon-fiber amphibious floats and sorted out other issues. From the front office to the mechanics in the hangar, everyone was a pleasure to do business with.

Next, I want to thank the Winter Haven crew who got me certified and on my way home. Richard Johnson, my primary instructor, and John Collins in the Twin Comanche were both superb instructors, professional, and patient.

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