AirCam on Amphibs - 2180 All Electric Clamar Floats

floats-01-tnWhat's your next aircraft purchase after an Aircam?How about an AirCam on Amphibs?Sounds good to me! 

This is the decision many owners have opted for.And why not, with the new lightweight materials available today that are totally corrosion free?

Dr. Lee Harman is swapping out his older and heavier fiberglass Clamar 2200s for the new lightweight 2180 all electric Clamar.Why you ask?For a 100 lb savings.Yes, that's three digits!

That's a huge weight savings in any category aircraft.

Clair Sceli has acheived this weight savings by infusing epoxy with carbon fiber, kevlar and e-glass.

Operating off of paved runways and water only.Opt for the new Matco nose wheels and save an additional 8 lbs. per set.

By: Robert Meyer