Engine weight and Engine CG

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Engine weight and Engine CG

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Next time someone lifts off their entire intact 912 engine assembly, prop, and all fluids intact including engine mount from the wing could you possibly weigh it and take a picture so you can see the scale reading while suspended in the air ?.... and then tell the weight of lifting harness? And provide a picture of the wing after the engine has been removed to see what is still attached for weight purposes?

Same request for the 914.

Ideally, knowing the CG of the engine assembly as it related to how far from forward from the aft engine mount bolt would be of interest as well. A engine lifting harness optimized to visually indicate CG or scales on both ends of the engine mount would be needed and knowledge as to how to calculate engine CG from scale weight readings.

It may be a kit, but I would still like to know, as I am a curious builder.

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