Dreaming to own AIRCAM soon

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Dreaming to own AIRCAM soon

Post by StratoCrewzr »


I've been dreaming, drooling and telling every fellow pilot I know how awesome and incredible the AIRCAM is. I explain how redundant its systems are and how this is ideal to fly low and slow. Most understand but some reply, why would you want an open cockpit and fly low and slow? My response is always, WHY NOT?

I spent much of my life flying all over Alaska in float, wheeled and ski equipped planes. I proposed to my wife in a deHavilland Beaver. I love all those planes. But after having spent the last 19 years flying jets and most of that time above FL410, I yearn and dream of enjoying flying again. I miss the stick and rudder. I miss the pilot -> plane relationship. In the modern jet I earn my paycheck in today, the only way you can determine who the better pilot is, is their typing skills.

So I've got three of us interested in buying/flying or buying/building an Aircam in the next year or two. I've never flown one before, and I'm definitely convinced this is for me...seen every photo and video there is online, over and over. My friends might need to go up in one before being as assured.

Where does one find another who is open to giving rides and perhaps a little stick time? Of course we are willing to travel and pay for such an opportunity. The three of us (maybe more coming online soon as well) live in the Phoenix Arizona area and are already chomping at the bit to attend the September 2016 Aircam Fly In around Page, AZ this year. Hopefully I've got work off and If I do, I'll be there with my buddies.

Greatly appreciate any leads. Thank you!
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Re: Dreaming to own AIRCAM soon

Post by mosky »

I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. Your best bet is to call Robert or Phil in Sebring and set something up for you or I'm sure they can get you in contact with one or more willing Aircam owners in your area. I haven't met an owner yet who wouldn't want to take up another prospective owner up for a demo flight or two.

There really isn't much participation from the owners on this forum as I guess they're all busy flying their aircams so you probably won't get noticed here.

There is a big danger that if you think you like the aircam, once you go for a ride in one you will need to have one!

If you can't find someone in your neck of the woods I'd be very surprised but if you are ever looking for one to fly PM me and we could set something up.
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Re: Dreaming to own AIRCAM soon

Post by dkwall »

I had the same dream. I purchased my kit oct 1, 2015. I am enjoying the building process. I have a local air cam owner who I can fly with to get my air cam fix while I am building.
I have all the frames for the control surfaces built. As completed the wings, HS and VS.
I started on the fuselage last week. I didn't buy the quick built fuselage. I feel like I am making good progress but there is a lot left to do.
I hope you can pull the trigger soon and start building.
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Re: Dreaming to own AIRCAM soon

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I live in Las Vegas Nevada and have 1 AC which will be ready for flight testing soon and another AC which we are just starting to build. Happy to show you all.

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Re: Dreaming to own AIRCAM soon

Post by hueyride »

Hi, I had this dream since I read a story about the Aircam in a german magazine. I'am planning to visit Florida next year to get the opertunity for a ride on this beast.

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