• Flying Reimagined

    The AirCam takes you places that no other airplane can.
  • Unmatched Visibility

    See what’s out there.
  • Twin Engine Safety

    Fly confidently. The AirCam offers single-engine capabilities unrivaled by any other twin aircraft.
  • Stunning Low Speed Abilities

    View the world from an entirely new perspective. Park the throttle just above idle and enjoy sightseeing at 55mph, burning as little as 3.5GPH.
  • No Runway?
    No Problem!

    Blast off in less than 100 feet and land within 500 feet.
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About The AirCam

The AirCam is a twin-engine open cockpit experimental amateur-built aircraft designed and engineered with safety, visibility, and versatility in mind.

Experience flying like never before, and prepare to be amazed. Such low and slow exploration isn’t possible in any other aircraft with the same level of assurance.

Twin engine safety & system redundancy
Exceptional flight characteristics
Stunning low-speed handling
Take off in less than 100 feet and land in under 500 feet
Complete kits available

With an AirCam you can cruise whisper quiet, just off idle, at the fantastic low level sight seeing speed of only 55mph while burning as little as 3.5gph. The AirCam from Lockwood Aircraft Corp. challenges expectations and offers radically different perspectives; each flight is a new adventure!

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AirCam Flies Slow and Low

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chub cay 2021

phil 2021

“You can fly these islands a hundred times in a regular airplane and never know what you are missing, until you do it in an AirCam,” says Phil Lockwood, president of Lockwood Aircraft. “It is incredible, and one of our favorite places to aviate AirCam style. Tish and I invite you to join us November 4-7 and experience it for yourself!”

Own an AirCam on floats or wheels? Make this trip!

Building a new AirCam or wondering what it would be like to own an AirCam?

Join us at Chub Cay Resort and enjoy the camaraderie as we share our common love of aviation and AirCam flying in particular. Fly your conventional aircraft to Chub Cay Airport (MYBC) or catch a commercial or charter flight from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport or Nassau, Bahamas.


For those who wish to fly to the Bahamas together, our group will meet at the Lantana, Florida Airport (KLNA) on Wednesday, November 3. We will spend the night at the Holiday Inn Express in Lantana (phone 561-582-9304; 1251 Hypoluxo Rd, Lantana). Please make your own reservations and advise you are part of the Lockwood Group.

We recommend arriving at KLNA in time to top off your fuel tanks, secure your aircraft and be ready to depart for the hotel by 4:30 pm for check-in. We will provide a van to assist travelers in getting to and from the Holiday Inn Express. At approximately 6:30 pm, our group will gather in a hotel meeting room for a trip briefing, including assistance in filing flight plans and eAPIS.

We will depart for the Bahamas as a group from KLNA on Thursday morning, November 4, at approximately 7:30 am (EDT), landing first at San Andros Airport (MYAN) where we will clear Customs and refuel prior to flying to Chub Cay Airport (MYBC). Those wishing to arrive at Chub Cay earlier or stay longer are welcome to fly independently.

On Friday and Saturday morning we will make group day trips to other islands in the area, weather permitting. Each evening our group will gather for dinner.

We plan to return to the U.S. on Sunday, November 7 via San Andros Airport, where we will refuel, call U.S. Customs and file our flight plans.

Flying back to the U.S. is normally aided by the easterly winds that are typical this time of year.

(Note: Daylight Savings Time ends in the U.S. and the Bahamas on Sunday morning, November 7. Keep that in mind if you or a passenger plans to connect to an airline flight upon your return.)


Chub Cay Airport (MYBC) has a 5,000- foot runway that is in good condition and suitable for most light jets (www.chubcay. com/airport). Runway 11/29 is favorably aligned to accommodate typical easterly winds and is free of obstacles on all sides. The Airport has Bahamian Customs on site. Fuel is a short 24-nm hop away at San Andros Airport (MYAN).

Chub Cay Resort offers the only accommodations on the Cay. It has a very pleasant Clubhouse with a restaurant and bar. Adjacent to the Clubhouse you’ll find a white sand ocean beach with a pool and a swim-up tiki bar, perfect for relaxing in the afternoon. The Resort also has a first-class marina, with boats available for fishing charters and dive/snorkel trips.

Accommodations are available within the main Clubhouse in the form of modern, hotel-style rooms. Individual cabanas and multi-bedroom villas are also available. Visit www.chubcay.com and use promotional code “welcomeaircam” to receive a discount off the advanced purchase rate, which will show up on the Chub booking page as AirCam Group. Check the terms and conditions of each rate before deciding which one is best for you. Early booking is encouraged as the rates are dynamic, and availability will decrease as time passes.

Once you have secured your accommodations, please register with us online so we can help you coordinate with our group and keep you informed with the latest trip info. https://bit.ly/aircamchubcay

Lastly, but most important, make sure your AirCam is in good airworthy condition. Check your maintenance records to be sure your annual is good into November and that your last oil change will be good for the entire trip. You should not exceed 50 hours on an oil change when using 100LL, which we will be using in the Bahamas. Good tires that are properly inflated are also important.

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Links to help with Bahamas flight and travel planning:
A current passport is required for travel to and from the Bahamas.
• You will need a current U.S. Customs sticker for your aircraft. If you don’t have a current 2021 U.S. Customs sticker, you can apply for one online at www.cbp.gov. If you don’t receive your Customs sticker before the trip, print a copy of your receipt to file eAPIS and for U.S. Customs and bring the printed receipt with you. If you don’t have a current eAPIS account or the one you have needs to be updated, use the link below to set up a new account or update your old one. Be sure to make note of your password. https://eapis.cbp.dhs.gov/
• Each person on board your aircraft will need a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest when flying in the Bahamas. We recommend the inflatable type, which are lightweight and comfortable to wear. These PFDs are rapidly inflated via a CO2 cartridge; make sure you get the manual, NOT the automatic version. Life vests can be ordered through Lockwood Aviation Supply (www.lockwood.aero); we offer the Revere Comfort Max inflatable PFD (manual version).

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Chub Cay Airport has plenty of ramp space to secure your aircraft but, like most airports in the Bahamas, tie downs are scarce. Be sure to bring a set of Claw tie downs. (Bring two sets so you have a spare.) These are the only tie downs that work well in the Bahamas because of the hard ground. We will bring a hammer drill with appropriate concrete drill bits to aid AirCam owners in putting in their tie downs. Lockwood Aviation Supply sells the Claw aircraft tie-down system for $99.95 per set. Each kit includes three tie downs good for one aircraft.
Some FBOs in the Bahamas charge extra to use a credit card for fuel. Cash is handy in the Bahamas. You will also need cash to pay Customs arrival and departure fees.
Cellphone service in the Bahamas is generally quite good with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Check to see if you have an International plan and understand charges ahead of the trip. If you leave your phone in airplane mode and use only the Wi-Fi at the hotel, you won’t be charged.
COVID-19 Protocol – All travelers to the Bahamas must apply for a Bahamas Travel Health visa, available at www.travel.gov.bs. Cost is $40 for U.S. and Canadian citizens. Applications can be completed anytime in advance but must be completed no later than 48 hours before any trip. While not required, if you're vaccinated bring a copy of your vaccination card as well. Note that at minimum, a negative rapid antigen test result must be uploaded as part of the Travel Health Visa program for vaccinated travellers. Unvaccinated travellers will require a RT-PCR test. If you or a passenger plans to fly home on a commercial airliner after returning from the Bahamas, be sure to confirm with your airline whether you will need a negative COVID-19 test before being allowed to fly. Chub Cay Resort is the only site on Chub Cay offering such testing.

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