AirCam Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions. Don't see your question addressed here? Please contact us for assistance.

  • How long does it take to build? +

    The AirCam is a quick-build kit. A good estimate would be around 1200 hours. We offer a pre-riveted fuselage option that significantly reduces build time (decreases by approx. 400 hours).
  • Must I buy the whole kit at one time? +

    No. We recommend the purchase of the airframe kit first. When you’ve nearly completed the kit, place an order for the engine package.
  • What is the max weight for the front seat? +

    The front seat passenger should not weigh more than 340 pounds.
  • How long does it take to get an AirCam after I purchase it? +

    To check on the current delivery schedule please call us at (863) 655-4242.
  • Where can I get a demo ride? +

    We like our customers to visit us in Sebring so we can show you the factory and offer a demo at the same visit.
  • How many AirCam owners are there? +

    There are around 200 flying at the present time and roughly 30 under construction
  • Can I get my multi engine in the AirCam? +

    As of June 2016, you can get an unrestricted multi-engine rating in your AirCam.
  • How tall must my hangar be to accommodate an AirCam on floats? +

    The hanger should have at least a 14ft opening. Most t-hangars with a ceiling of at least 14ft (typically with an 11ft door height) can accommodate an AirCam on floats by lowering the tail through the entryway and raising it once inside.
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