Pricing Information

Lockwood Aircraft Corp produces the AirCam kit aircraft in Sebring, FL.

All components included in the AirCam Kit have been carefully chosen and designed to provide optimum safety, performance, & reliability when assembled, installed & maintained properly.

Airframe Kit and Engine Packages

AirCam Airframe Kit (Generation 3)
 (optional jump seat, gross weight increase)
AirCam Airframe Kit (Generation 2) $64,995
Rotax 912ULS Engine Package
(includes two engines, props, and exhaust systems)
Rotax 912iS Engine Package
(includes two engines, props, comprehensive wiring harness, and exhaust systems)
Rotax 914UL Engine Package Call
Pre-Riveted Fuselage Option
(meets 51% rule, fuselage assembled and sealed with chromate corrosion inhibitor)
Crating Costs (standard airframe kit) $1,495
Crating Costs (pre-riveted fuselage option) $1,995
Amphibious Floats Call

*For complete kit all is included except paint, instruments, shipping & crating. All prices subject to change without notice.

The aircam fuselageAirCam Airframe Kit is a quick-build kit composed of highly finished parts ready for assembly. Most parts are alclad, anodized, powder coated or plated; this nearly eliminates corrosion concerns. The kit includes pre-jigged and formed fuselage structures and controls, electric flaps, electric trim, a steerable/full castering tailwheel, state-of-the-art Beringer brake system, dual controls, pre-sewn wing fabric, ground adjustable seats, high quality composite fairings, all required hardware, and much more! Comprehensive, detailed construction and assembly manuals with excellent detailed drawings, part numbers and instructions are also included.

Rotax Engine Packages include two four-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engines with electric starters. Carbureted, fuel injected, and turbocharged engine models are available (see our Specs page for more information). Each package includes a custom pre-fabricated stainless steel exhaust system tuned for maximum performance and quiet operation, tank-to-engine fuel systems and required fittings and hardware, oil systems, and cooling systems. All packages also include a dual electrical system kit with two regulator/rectifiers, switches, breakers, wiring and the appropriate sealed maintenance free battery, and factory welded 4130 steel engine mounts specifically designed and tested for Rotax 9-series engines.

Our Pre-Riveted Fuselage Option significantly reduces the time required to construct the kit, and still meets the FAA 51% or major portion rule. This option includes a fuselage assembled and riveted to factory specifications (including installation of controls, brakes wheels/tires, landing gear, and seats). The fuselage is coated with a chromate corrosion inhibitor, and is ready to be prepared for primer and paint.

Full Enclosure

AirCam Full Enclosure $12,500

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The Full Enclosure makes flying your AirCam a year-round possibility. This addition offers the same unmatched visibility as its un-enclosed counterpart, and is completely removable. A favorite among pilots in colder climates, the full enclosure can be retrofitted to existing airframes with few cosmetic modifications. It’s great for use in colder months, and removed within fifteen minutes! Planning a long cross-country trip? Install the enclosure before heading out, and take it off at your destination for endless open-cockpit adventure once you arrive.

The full enclosure was designed, engineered, and extensively tested to ensure its overall safety and positive aerodynamic characteristics in flight, all while maintaining the functionality and versatility for which the AirCam is so well known.


AirCam Jump Seat (Gen-3 Only) $1,795
AeroLEDs Pulsar NSP Nav/Strobe/Position Light Kit
(includes lights, composite wing tip cuffs, wiring harness, switches, and all required hardware)
AeroLEDs MicroSun Landing/Recognition Light Kit
(includes lights, custom mounting bracket, wiring harness, switches, and all required hardware)
Analog Rear Instrument Panel
(includes airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, tachometers, custom aluminum instrument housing, and all required hardware)
Custom Cockpit Cover Call
Engine Covers (set of 2) Call
Custom Seat Covers
(exceptional quality memory foam seats available in a variety of custom leather finishes from Oregon Aero)