Friday, July 31, 2015

Pricing Information

Lockwood Aircraft Corp produces the AirCam kit aircraft in Sebring, FL.

All components included in the AirCam Kit have been carefully chosen and designed to provide optimum safety, performance, & reliability when assembled, installed & maintained properly.

AirCam Kit Pricing - Airframe Kit only $50,995*!

Additional Options:

Rotax 912ULS Engines Package w/ Props & coated exhaust system      
Rotax 914UL pkg w/Constant Speed Props CALL
Rotax 912iS or 912iS Sport pkg w/Fuel Injection $69,985
Assembly of your Air-Cam Fuselage, Painted in Primer $10,950
Crating Costs $ 1,495
Floats available! Please contact us for details CALL


*Due to material price increases from our suppliers and vendors Lockwood Aviation is having to raise the price of the airframe kit from $48,490. to $50,995. This will take effect on any kit ordered after July 1st 2014.  Lockwood Aviation will honor the current price regardless of delivery dates approaching next year on any AirCam airframe kit ordered before July 1st 2014.

For complete kit all is included except paint, instruments, shipping & crating. All prices subject to change without notice.

Complete airframe kit: A quick-built kit made up of highly finished parts ready for assembly. Most parts are alclad, anodized, powder coated or nickel or cad plated. The kit included electric flaps, electric trim, steerable/full castering tail wheel, Beringer brake system (NEW!), dual controls, pre-sewn wing fabric, ground adjustable seats, instruments panel blank, all hardware, high quality hand laid up fiberglass parts including nose fairing, seats shells, stabilizer tips and fuselage/vertical fillet ect.

Rotax 912ULS Engines Package: A Complete engine installation package, that includes two four-cylinder, four-cycle 100 Hp "912ULS" dual ignition aircraft engines with electric start. A custom prefabricated stainless steel tuned exhaust system, which utilizes the Rotax recommended, tuned, muffler for maximum performance and quiet operation. A dual electrical system kit with two regulator/rectifiers, switches, breakers, wiring and the appropriate sealed maintenance free battery. Tank to engine fuel systems including fuel lines and fittings, auxiliary fuel pumps, gascolators and electric primers. Lightweight aluminum radiators an oil coolers with required hoses. Radiators housings, air baffles and wing to center section gap seals with low drag NACA type cooling inlets. Warpdrive three blade composite propellers with "HPL" machined aluminum hubs. Factory welded 4130 engine mounts specifically designed and tested for the 912ULS engines. Dual throttle quadrants and cables set up specifically for the 912ULS. A thorough installation manual with excellent detailed drawings, part numbers and instructions, which will also be useful as a reference for future maintenance. We also have a Rotax 912IS fuel injection engine package available. Please call us at 863.655.4242 for more information.

Assembly of your Air-Cam Fuselage. Includes completed fuselage with primer and nose fairing, blank instrument panel, controls, brakes, wheels/tires, landing gear & seats. You end up with a pre built, rolling fuselage. Makes your Air-Cam a SUPER QUICK BUILD.

*Call 863.655.4242 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

AirCam Events

Stella Maris Fly In
Southern Bahamas
Nov 8-15, 2015

SouthWest FlyIn
September 2016
More Information to follow



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