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Listings as of 2019.02.19

Blue/Yellow Amphib AirCam

2015 with 50hrs TT removeable long range fuel for extra storage, Ronnie Smith big bore kits.112hp/side. Now has a Garmin G5 in place of elec horizon.

Interested? Contact Robert Meyer at 407-670-8382 or by email at .

N914TU - 3 Seat Aircam

Three seat AirCam commissioned for high density altitude flying. 914's Turbcharged with big bore kit,Carb heat kits, electric heated seats Hi/Low, one external alternator, dual electric systems, front and rear instrument panels, front and rear engine toggle controls, MT hydraulic CS props, 8.50X6.00 tires, dual Berringer brakes on each main, pneumatic maule tw assy, full enclosure,rear glove box in panel, removeable baggage area seat with seatbelts, three place intercom, all seats carbon fiber, custom upholstery and stow bags to match, left side step for docking, float brackets installed, custom brake lines and attachments,night VFR Shown at AirCam booth at Oshkosh 2017. In tests we are getting climb rates above 2000ft/min up through 8,000ft density altitude and 500ft/min on a single engine all at 1750 lbs Climb rates only went down by 100ft/min to16000 ft density altitude. We loaded this aircraft to 2000 lbs gross and were getting 1250 ft/min. and 250feet/min on a single engine. That gives it an 800 lb useful load.

Also available Clamar 2180 all electric Amphibs plumbed with two five gallon removable fuel tanks in each floats storage area are also available. Electric transfer pumps for conveying fuel to main tanks would be switched on the panel. $65,000. extra painted to match and installed.

Interested? Contact Robert Meyer at 407-670-8382 or by email at .


98 AirCam on Murphy 1850s electric hydraulics NDH plane or floats 2300tt, has new front panel with G5. 2100tt on 912uls still running strong Best performing amphib in the fleet 40hrs tt on Amphibs.

Interested? Contact Robert Meyer at 407-670-8382 or by email at .