AirCam Past Events

marathon-memories-topThe Marathon Airport (MTH) was a stopping off point for the first-ever AirCam adventure flight in March 1999 when two AirCams and a Drifter flew from Sebring to Key West, Florida. The trio of airplanes dropped in to MTH to refuel and enjoy some conch chowder before flying on to the Keys. This past fall, Marathon Key was the final destination for an AirCam adventure.

While the rest of the United States suffered with miserable weather as storm systems crisscrossed the country, 20 Air Cam owners and enthusiasts enjoyed a weekend of beautiful weather on Marathon Key on November 14-16, 2014.

heavens-landing-001The AirCam fly in at Heaven's Landing beat the numbers of all the other fly ins AirCam has had in the past. Was it because of the beautiful mountain scenery and the convenient location? One thing for sure, the weather cooperated fully.

By Friday nine AirCams had arrived including Lefty and Joe in AC#2. Jeremy Lezin came the farthest from Santa Cruz,Ca., but he cheated by coming commercial. Richard Costello and Justine Harrison traveled from Las Vegas in Richard's Cessna Corvallis.

Our hosts, Mike and Holly Ciochetti, couldn't have shown more Southern hospitality to us and our aircraft. Hangers were provided for each and every AirCam thanks to them and Ernie Merkelis.

Early morning flying was exceptional with cool temperatures and a light mountain fog lifting.