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Nineteen AirCam aircraft from eleven differnt states made their way to Marble Canyon, Az. and to Bluff, Utah. In those areas they flew Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, Arch Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, The Goosenecks, The San Juan River, The Colorado River, and many other Canyons.

An article on this exciting event will follow soon complete with many photos.


aircam overhead blandingOur most recent AirCam gathering was one for the books; the largest gathering of AirCam owners and aircraft ever!

On behalf of all of us at Lockwood Aircraft, we sincerely appreciate your patronage. Thank you so much for being a part of the AirCam adventure!


photo credit: Andrew Doughty

return from osh 2015 06 tn An Air Cam Post-AirVenture Adventure by Robert Meyer

My friend Rob Gibbs and I had no sooner landed after flying from Sebring, Florida (KSEF), to Oshkosh, Wisconsin (KOSH) in 17.1 hours when Justin Smith started his queries as to who was flying the return trip with me.

"You already have a return ticket," I responded. "I bought trip insurance for $9," he replied. That's the best 9 dollars he ever spent!

Justin and I departed Oshkosh on Sunday, July 26, just 10 minutes before noon. "Air Cam 912LA, thanks for coming to Oshkosh; you are cleared for take off, Runway18 Right. Stay on runway heading at or below 1,300 feet till clear of the area." After I read back the controller's instructions, we chewed up 150 feet of runway for departure, climbed to 500 feet AGL and stayed there.

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