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monument-valley-smStan Crippen enjoying Monument Valley @ 500agl in the back of Robert Meyer's AirCamThe difference between an AirCam pilot and other pilots is how we fly. While other pilots are busy looking at their panel and what's miles out in front of them, Aircam pilots tend to be looking at what is a few hundred feet below them.

I believe that is the main reason why I never get tired of flying the AirCam. Each and every flight is a new adventure.

Face it, flying at normal vfr and ifr altitudes is monotonous. What thrills me about the AirCam is the feeling that you aren't just looking at a picture, but you're part of the picture. Indeed, you'll know what I mean the first time you fly over a dairy farm.

By Robert Meyer

912isThinking of going with the new 912is sport engines on your AirCam? You'll need to go with glass in your panel. Here are two good choices!

Dual 7" Dynon SkyView with Synthetic Vision and Engine Monitoring, Dynon Remote Comm. Radio and Transponder, PS Engineering PMA4000 Audio Panel and Intercom

Garmin G3X System with Synthetic Vision, AOA, and Remote Transponder PMA4000 Audio Panel and Intercom, Garmin GTR200 Comm. Radio.

canopy-01-smWe flew 912LA from Sebring to Heaven's Landing in Clayton Georgia with the full enclosure on. Here is an update on our observations.

Currently we have installed three 31/4 inch circular vents for the front seat pilot and one 31/4 inch circular vent for the rear seat occupant. When airspeed is live this achieves adequate ventilation and cooling for the occupants.

Departing Sebring we stayed at AirCam altitudes (above treetops) with the vents fully open. Outside temperature was 88 degrees

Later in the flight we climbed closing the three pilot vents at about 5500 feet with the OAT of 58 degrees. At 6500 feet we closed the rear vent and continued up to 8500 feet where the OAT was 51 degrees. Phil was in the front seat in shorts and a tee shirt. I was in the rear with jeans and my signature AirCam Yellow shirt. Both of us were extremely comfortable the entire trip.

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