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sebring expo 

January 24th – 27th, 2018

Sebring Regional Airport (KSEF)

Sebring is home to the premiere sport aviation exhibition. It's also home to the AirCam and the Lockwood Aviation group of companies. Come visit us during the 14th annual event open January 24th through 27th, 9am to 5pm!

 Find us at the factory on the field at KSEF, or at booth S211.

cameraIf you’ve ever watched an AirCam video, you’re familiar with a few of the amazing shots we film from our wingtip and others forward from the nose. By popular request, we’ve completed a production run of parts for our wingtip camera boom mount, compatible with most DSLR cameras. Additionally, we’re working with our composites team to produce a lightweight and affordable nose mount.

We’ve been filming in 4K for the past year, and recommend the Panasonic GH4 camera with a 7-14mm aspheric lens. We’re working with the newer Panasonic GH5, but as of this writing haven’t experienced the same crystal clear result.


oshkoshWe’ve completed production parts for a left side front pilot step, and and will be introducing an easy-access right step rail within the month. See the prototype at Oshkosh!

Our left side front pilot step is a mirror image of the standard right side pilot step included in the kit, and installs easily during construction of the fuselage. This option could come in handy for a float-equipped AirCam when winds favor docking on the left.

The left side pilot step is now available for $260.


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