Bahamas FlyIn November 9, 2017 Featured

2017 flyout 01Lockwood Aircraft/AirCam has completed plans for a Bahamas FlyIn this coming November.  We will be departing from Lantana KLNA on the morning of Thursday Nov. 9th.  We hope to have an early departure (8:00 am) so plan on getting a room for the night before. Plan to arrive in time to fuel, cover and tie down your Aircam by 4:00PM.   Bring your own rope.  You should also have a good set of tie downs, such as The Claw, for the Bahamas.

We are staying at the Holliday Inn Express and Suites in Lantana 561-582-9304 blocked under Lockwood Aircraft/Aircam.   The Comfort Inn and Suites is also nearby and will be fine if you prefer.

We have planned our distances for a max headwind of 20 knots based on the range of an AirCam on Amphibious floats. 

First stop will be North San Andros MYAN where we will clear Customs, Immigration, fuel and take a break.  Start checking your passports now for their expiration dates.  You will also need a US Customs sticker for your aircraft when returning.  This is good for all of 2017.  Don't delay in getting one. 

2017 flyout 02From MYAN we will fly to the Exuma chain of islands, joining them over Norman's Cay MYEN.  Then it's Southerly along the chain to Staniel Cay MYES.

We will be based out of Staniel for the next three nights.  That's Thursday night Nov. 9th- Saturday night the 11th.  Checking out Sunday morning the 12th.  It is very important to reserve your rooms now!  Staniel Cay hotels/guest houses are very limited and in high demand often times booking one year in advance.  Note: There are commercial flights to Staniel or Exuma Intl.  MAKE SURE YOUR ROOM IS ON STANIEL CAY.  MANY WEBSITES AND RESORTS ADVERTISE STANIEL AND ARE ON OTHER ISLANDS

Friday morning the 10th we will continue our southerly flight to the end of the Exuma chain at Exuma International MYEF.  There we will refuel and head east a short distance to Cape Santa Maria the northern most part of Long Island.  Flying the entire length of Long Island the amphibs may choose to splash in at The Blue Hole.  We will stop for lunch on our return at Sella Maris Resort on Long Island MYLS.  Then it's back to Staniel with a refueling stop at MYEF once again.

Saturday morning the 11th we will launch for the day to Cat Island.  This is a beautiful island to the east with exquisite beaches.  We will be landing at New Bight MYCB and having lunch at Fernandez Bay Resort.  Amphibs may opt to land in the calm waters of this Bay and beach just 50 feet from the restaurant.  Bring you swimsuits and a towel.  Once again we will need to refuel at Exuma Intl. MYEF before returning to Staniel.  

2017 flyout 03Sunday morning the 12th we will check out of our rooms and fly North with full tanks along the Exumas crossing after Fowl Cay to Eleuthera island, arguably one of the prettiest islands of the Bahamas.  We will fly its coastline to North Eleuthera MYEH where we will stop for fuel and lunch.  To save time everyone should pack their lunch.  Afterwards it’s on to the Abacos and our overnight destination Marsh Harbour MYAM.  

We have blocked rooms at The Abaco Beach Resort 877-533-4799.  Rooms are limited and will fill quickly.  There are other hotels in the area.  Rooms will be blocked under Lockwood Aircraft/AirCam.  They will only hold them for us a short time.  You will need to call and reserve with a deposit.

The next morning Monday the 13th it's back to the US via KPBI.

Things to remember:

  • Valid Passport as of these dates
  • US aircraft Customs sticker 
  • Decalin or TCP fuel additive for 100LL
  • Inflatable Life Vest for each person onboard
  • Set up and file eAPIS account with CBP
  • Inspect your aircraft ahead of time, bring spare exhaust springs, tie wire, oil, coolant.
  • Don't go needing new tires.  The Bahamas are famous for flattening them.

Don't wait till shortly before to schedule an inspection with our shop.  We will surely be busy!!

Please call Robert Meyer at (407) 670-8382 or email if you are planning to attend.