AirCam Enclosure Update July 2014

canopy-01-smWe flew 912LA from Sebring to Heaven's Landing in Clayton Georgia with the full enclosure on. Here is an update on our observations.

Currently we have installed three 31/4 inch circular vents for the front seat pilot and one 31/4 inch circular vent for the rear seat occupant. When airspeed is live this achieves adequate ventilation and cooling for the occupants.

Departing Sebring we stayed at AirCam altitudes (above treetops) with the vents fully open. Outside temperature was 88 degrees

Later in the flight we climbed closing the three pilot vents at about 5500 feet with the OAT of 58 degrees. At 6500 feet we closed the rear vent and continued up to 8500 feet where the OAT was 51 degrees. Phil was in the front seat in shorts and a tee shirt. I was in the rear with jeans and my signature AirCam Yellow shirt. Both of us were extremely comfortable the entire trip.

The enclosure takes nothing away from the open cockpit experience except for the wind. The visibility is virtually the same. The prototype we are flying now has a portion that is fiberglass above from the leading edge of the center section to just above the pilot's head. This is for testing purposes only. The finished product will be smoked acrylic transitioning to a clear poly-carbonate.

canopy-02-smThe baggage area is entirely closed in as well from just in front of the four center section support struts forward. With two large doors from wing to fuselage, stowing of the front windshield and the two passengers' sides wind deflectors is effortless, as well as your normal kitchen sink or quarter Moose carcass.

The enclosure even cuts down on the drag and results in a more efficient AirCam. Fuel burn was considerably lower. We were registering at 1500 feet and 85mph IAS a total burn of 5.0 gph on the 912is's. At 75mph it was 4.4 gph total. At 8500 feet and a 100mphTAS,85mph IAS we were burning 6.0 total. Every way you do the math that give us a 450 statute mile range with the 26 gallons of usable fuel.

Put your enclosure on or pull it off in less then 30 minutes. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Imagine that! The Aircam is now a year round low level and cross country aircraft that is no longer latitudinally challenged. Woof!!

by: Robert Meyer