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aircam amesIf you're an existing AirCam owner looking to obtain an Airplane Multiengine Sea (AMES) rating, you're in luck!

The FAA recently issued a policy deviation permitting the use of an AirCam in obtaining an AMES rating for owner-pilots of AirCam aircraft certificated in the experimental category. Note that this deviation is limited to AirCam owners, and does not provide relief of policy for any other parties.

Additionally, we've received a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) to permit the offering of transition training and training towards an AMES rating in our factory AirCam on Clamar 2180 amphibious floats (pictured here). Again, this deviation is limited to AirCam owners. Another great reason to own an AirCam!

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With a gross weight of 1900 lbs., seating for three and two 115hp engines, the new Gen 3 AirCam is sure to impress! Below is an excerpt from the March 2019 press release introducing the new model: 

gen 3 1

AirCam News and Updates

New Gen-3 model airframes have the option of incorporating a third seat located behind the second seat and a 220-pound gross weight increase from the current 1,680-pound max gross weight to 1,900 pounds. “The new jump seat will be quickly removable to convert between cargo and and third passenger,” added Lockwood.

eaa webIn celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Young Eagles program, EAA staff and volunteers from across the country are working together to build an AirCam destined to offer the next generation of aviators their very own “AirCam smile.” See it on display in the Homebuilders Hangar at AirVenture Oshkosh later this month!

Check out the article in the July 2018 issue of pdfEAA’s Sport Aviation magazine!

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