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roxy frontAnxious to hear what new adventures other AirCam owners and enthusiasts have encountered this year? Here’s your chance to talk with AirCam owners and builders! We’ll be gathering on Wednesday evening July 24th at the Roxy Supper Club, and we’d enjoy your company. RSVP with Robert Meyer at (407)670-8382. Please leave a message and phone number if Robert is not able to answer.

AirCam Dinner at the Roxy
Wednesday, July 24h 2019
Cocktails at 6:30pm
Dinner Seating at 7:00pm

Roxy Supper Club
571 N. Main St.
Oshkosh, WI 54901

float articleWatch our Clamar equipped Amphib Demo daily out of the Seaplane Base at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh this year!

Our newly awarded LODA from the FAA allows us to train AirCam owners to a MES rating in either their AirCam or ours.

Another great reason to own an AirCam!


March 28, 2019


More Power and Capacity, Strengthened Fuselage Components, Third Seat

gen 3 1Pictured is the Gen 3 prototype that was shown at Sun n Fun earlier this year. We will be flying the new Gen 3 out of the Ultralight field daily at EAA Airventure. With a gross weight of 1900 lbs., seating for three and two 115hp engines it is sure to impress.

New Gen-3 model airframes will have the option of incorporating a third seat located behind the second seat and a 220-pound gross weight increase from the current 1,680-pound max gross weight to 1,900 pounds. “The new jump seat will be quickly removable to convert between cargo and and third passenger,” added Lockwood.

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