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dkwall shared 2 photos in the N734W album 4 months ago

I had some new switch plates made.

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larry fish replied in forum topic Beringer brakes 5 months ago

I used the 5606 and it made the O-rings in the master cylinders swell up and the pistons sized up. I also had to replace the O-rings in the calipers

dcroson replied in forum topic Beringer brakes 5 months ago

You definitely want to use a mineral oil based product, and not a DOT4 type of fluid. As far as the 5606, below is what I found online at (and other sites had similar...

stephany created a new forum topic Hidden Camera Detector 5 months ago

Hidden Camera Detector: here, we mainly talk about the mobile vehicles inspection, it has a small camera. So when the attendants come to repair the car, they can use this device to detect the bottom side...

stephany created a new forum topic Vehicle Inspection Systems 5 months ago

The Vehicle Inspection Systems are designed for car inspection and there are also others that can be used to check cars' condition through the handheld VAG diagnostics code scanner. This device lets you...

LVG2018 created a new forum topic Beringer brakes 6 months ago

Beringer brake label warns “Mineral oil only.” Several builders advised that standard 5606 works just fine. Still, others warn about ignoring manufacturer recommendations. I’m ready to finalize brake...

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mosky shared 5 photos in the Aircam in Canada album 10 months ago

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