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dkwall replied in forum topic Wiring yesterday

The building moved right along until I got to the wiring. Lockwood doesn't provided detailed wiring instructions. You are on your on. I installed a basic 3 pack front and back with a garmin aero in...

MikeW replied in forum topic Wiring 4 weeks ago

I'm a longtime pilot with about 850 hrs, my wife is a pilot as well, we recently got a ride in an AirCam with Robert Meyer at Lockwood Aviation, and we are starting to get serious. I'm looking for feedback...

Bamaneil shared a photo. 1 month ago
dkwall created a new forum topic flying 3 months ago

I was in Sebring last week. I flew 3-4 hours with Robert. Great time. I have 1600 flying hours. All tricycle gear. A new experience. I'll need a few more hours in the Air Cam.

Kynett created a new forum topic Building for Salt Water Float Flying 3 months ago

With float planes, you can either avoid the salt water landings to avoid corrosion or you can build in corrosion prevention the Navy way and enjoy the water landings, and ensure you rinse with a hose thoroughly...

Tall205 has a new avatar. 6 months ago
Kynett created a new forum topic Engine weight and Engine CG 7 months ago

Next time someone lifts off their entire intact 912 engine assembly, prop, and all fluids intact including engine mount from the wing could you possibly weigh it and take a picture so you can see the scale...

larry fish replied in forum topic Aircam with Rotax 914 wiring diagrams 7 months ago

I'm looking at old post. You may already have your answer. Just in case you don't. I think Aerotronics in Billings Montana has done some 914's. Larry

dkwall replied in forum topic building help 8 months ago

Do you have any manuals? There are 4-5 different books. Off the top of my head, there is a manual for the Vertical, Horizontals, the control surfaces, fuselage, center section, fuel tanks, wings and...

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