Monday, March 30, 2015
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Pricing Information Lockwood Aircraft Corp produces the AirCam and Super Drifter kit aircraft in Sebring, FL.

All components included in the AirCam Kit have been carefully chosen and designed to provide optimum safety, performance, & reliability when assembled, installed & maintained properly.

AirCam Specifications See what makes the AirCam from Lockwood Aircraft the best homebuilt airplane kit in the world today. The AirCam and Super Drifter kits offer the ability to fly low and slow with cruising speeds between 50-100 mph allowing you to fully enjoy the panoramic views.

Check out the technical specifications on the 2014 kits.
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AirCam Flies Slow and Low

Experience the Air-Cam

N ow you can fly places that no other Airplane will let you go!  The AirCam is a twin-engine experimental home built aircraft that can fly 10 feet above the tree tops, then climb up and away on one engine if needed.

Such slow and low exploration can't be done in any other twin-engine GA plane, or any other Aircraft, with the same level of assurance.

  • Twin Engine Safety
  • Great Handling
  • Stunning slow-speed abilities
  • Take off under 100 feet
  • Land under 500 feet
  • Complete kits available

AirCams can take off on one engine, and with both Rotax 912's turning, leap off terra firma in less than 200 feet and climb safely at impressive terrain and obstacle clearing angles. With an AirCam you can cruise whisper quiet, just off idle, at the fantastic low level sight seeing speed of only 55mph while burning as little as 3.5 gph. This is just a small piece of why we say that the AirCam from Lockwood Aircraft is simply the greatest flying experience in the world.

AirCams to Staniel Cay, The Bahamas May 11 to 17, 2015

cayThis spring’s AirCam Adventure is set for the week of May 11 to 17. We are planning on departing Sebring Regional Airport on Monday morning May 11.  Our current intention is to fly to Lantana, Florida, and cross over to Staniel Cay from there, with a stop at North Andros in the Bahamas for fuel.

We will return to Sebring on Sunday, May 17, coming through Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to clear Customs. On both crossings, we will stop at North Andros where 87 octane auto fuel is available; we will handle those arrangements for you. There is no other fuel available at Staniel Cay, so we will have to be topped off before departing and returning.  Those who are flying AirCams on amphib floats should have no problem reaching North Andros from either Lantana or Staniel Cay, even if we have headwinds.

Contact Robert Meyer (Cell: 407-670-8382 or via Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for more information. Read more about this event...

Like the AirCam? Check Out The Super Drifter!

You can read more about the Super Drifter on our order page or by visiting the Lockwood Aircraft website.

New Designator for AirCam!

The FAA has just approved “ACAM” as the new official designator for the AirCam!

See the AirCam on Floats

Read more about the "Amphibious AirCam" in the September 2010 issue of Today's Pilot that can be found on our press page.

Click on the image below to watch the video.
Experience the AirCam

The AirCam fits both Clamar and Montana floats. See floats being installed on an AirCam in our photo gallery.

NEW: Canopy Kit

canopy-smClick for more photos

$4,490 plus shipping | Call 863.655.4242 for more info.

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